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A Wild Ride This is probably one of the most legendary fuzz pedals that has ever existed, and for good reason too! This thing can produce some completely saturated fuzz that is capable of slipping into feedback easily if you crank it up loud enough. This is, without a doubt, my all-time favorite fuzzer. Supposedely, this is the fuzz pedal that Jimmy Page used on the first couple of Led Zeppelin albums, which makes it even more famous. This capacitor helps to get rid of some of the intense treble that this circuit has without it.

I would recommend that you replace the 8K2 resistor on the collector of Q3 with a 20K trimpot which will allow you to adjust Q3s collector voltage to I would also add a pulldown resistor to the input of the circuit and a reverse polarity protection diode to help protect those expensive Germanium transistors.

Another nice tweak is to replace the ohm resistor in the original circuit with a 1K or 1K2, which will boost the available output quite a bit. The original OC81D transistors will be very hard to find The sound of the pedals should be nearly the same, although the Supa Fuzz will probably be bassier since the input capacitor is quite a bit larger, especially with that 0.

It was the same basic circuit with only a few minor component value differences. Check out the schematic of the Vox MKII below, which was emailed to me by Peter, who traced the schematic from an original he owned. The two most notable additions are the pF and 10pF capacitors that are across the collector-base of Q1 and Q2 respectively.

These two added capacitors help to smooth out the sound of the pedal, as well as to remove some high-end from the circuit. The input capacitor has been increased from 2. These two changes will certainly increase the bass response of the circuit The "level" pot has been changed from KA to KA to help remove some of the muddiness from the circuit.

The MindBender First off, I added a 1M pulldown resistor to the input of the circuit, which will prevent "pops" when using true bypass switching. The second change that I made was to replace the K resistor on the collector of Q2 with a 47K resistor.

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